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Physical Address: 743 Congaree Road, Suite 2, Greenville, SC 29606 (next door to Skatell's Jewelers)
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 16492   Greenville, SC   29606-7492
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns The Party Machine?
Jeff and Cindy Hayes are our owners; Jeff had a vision to start The Party Machine in 1993 after a 12 year radio career. Even though The Party Machine may look like a franchise it is a family owned and operated business.

Do you offer an unlimited package?
No, there is no such thing as an unlimited reception unless it is being held in a location that you own. No venue in town offers unlimited hours. 30% of our receptions are 3 hours; 60% are 4 hours and 10% are 5 hours or longer.  Therefore, a unlimited package would be offering you something that we in most cases could not deliver.

Are deposits refundable?
No they are not. However, in many cases a credit may be issue for an extended length of time towards a future event or service with The Party Machine.

Do you carry liability insurance?
Yes, we are insured. If your venue requires a “Certificate of Insurance” one can be provided with them being listed as the additional insured.

How far in advance should I book?
We suggest 6-12 months; however, there is no better time than right now!

Can you hold a date while I do some thinking?
Ummm No…, we do not hold any dates. They are on a first come first served basis. Once a date is sold out it is no longer available unless we receive a cancellation which does happen from time to time. If you do not confirm with us and contact us back within a few days, the date may or may not be available any longer. Due to the amount of people that we speak with on a daily basis it is impossible to remember to call you back if a date is selling out.

Will you provide me with an agreement locking you into my event?
Absolutely. Beware of using companies or individuals that cannot put their offer in writing and stick to it.

Can I choose music played at my reception?
Yes. Bottom line is we work for you! This is Your DAY and it should be YOUR WAY, end of discussion. We monitor your requests and will offer you suggestions if we feel you are making errors; however, you are the boss.

Can I submit a DO NOT PLAY list for my reception?
You bet you can, and our DJs know how to follow your wants to a tee and they will not throw you under the bus if a guest asks for a song on your do not play list.

How do I know which staff member will be sent to my event?
This is a very popular, but very simple question to answer. Once we have received your Consultation Questionnaire and Event Planner and Music Requests into our hands, had time to review them and go over your answers, then and only then, are we able to identify the proper DJ and MC that is suited to your event. Unlike other DJs and companies that use a ‘cookie cutter’ program, our program is custom designed to deliver YOUR DAY YOUR WAY and much thought goes into the planning of your event! 

Can I make a request for a certain DJ or Entertainer?
Yes you certainly can. We always say, there is no better way to choose an entertainer than one you have already seen. We make every effort to accommodate certain staff requests, but reserve the right to assign our staff as needed to provide the best possible service to you.

Will your staff be enthusiastic about my event?
For years we have said, our staff loves what we do and it shows…

Do you hang up unsightly banners at my reception?
Nope, just a small table top display sign about the size of a shoe box top, which by the way, will go under the table if you ask.

Should we tip our DJ and MC?
Absolutely, but only if you feel they went the extra mile and gave you exactly what you asked for. Tips are not required, but very much appreciated when deserved and given.

Do you charge me for equipment set up and break down?
No way! That’s on our time, not yours.

What is the role of the MC?
Reception Director/Host and party motivator.

What is the role of the DJ?
Provide awesome music flow (the right song at the right time) and atmosphere.

Will the MC direct my ceremony and reception?
You bet we will, all you have to do is ask and we will arrange for it to happen.

Should I plan to feed your staff?
Yes, if possible. You may only have a 4 hour event, but with event prep, load and travel time, set up and break down, a full 8 hour work day can easily take place. However, please do not increase head counts for us, the venues and caterers always prepare extra food.

Will your staff be drinking adult beverages at my event?
If they do, please report them to our office and our owners will release them from their position.

Can my guests use the mic during my event?
Only when directed by you for toasts, blessings etc.. It is The Party Machine policy that we DO NOT hand a live mic to any guests, especially if the person has been consuming alcohol. (Drinks + Mic = Potential Bad Combination)

Do you use professional equipment at my reception?
Yes, our equipment brands are only the top of the line and not purchased over the counter at Radio Shack or Bestbuy.

Do you take breaks?
No, normally we travel in teams of 2 or more so any step ways would be covered and go unnoticed. Our entertainment is non-stop.

How close to the day of can we make planner changes and song adds?
We leave your client area open until the weekend prior to your event. It is necessary that it be closed days in advance for our team to begin working on your months of planning. We understand things come up, however, we respectfully ask that no changes be made after the Wednesday before your event if possible. If you do, we will make every effort to accommodate, but cannot guarantee after that point. In many cases, the timelines and paperwork for an event for the upcoming Saturday has been processed and is in the warehouse ready for load by noon on Thursday.

How do I get access to my on-line client area?
Access to your client area is sent to the email on file in our system once BOTH the signed agreement and deposit have been received.

Can anyone else other than your staff access my client area?
No, not unless you give them the password.

What time will you arrive at my event?
Usually 60-90 minutes prior to your paid start time pending which package you purchased.

Do you take requests from my guests during the event?
Yes, as long as it is ok with you.

Is there a travel fee?
No travel fee in the Greenville, Spartanburg and Anderson county areas.

Will you price match other DJ services?
No, we are not in competition with other DJs or DJ services. We feel that The Party Machine offers a service that is second to none. It is our belief that the value for the services that we offer far outweigh the rates in which we charge.

Can we come watch you perform at an event?
That is not possible unless we are performing at an open to the public event, then if so, yes. Wedding Receptions are considered private parties and we do not invite people to a private event to see us perform. In addition, most venues and clients object to wedding crashers.

Will we meet and discuss all our plans and wishes prior to our day?
Yes, final consultation is suggested around 3 weeks prior to your event via, in-person, phone or Skype.

What happens if our DJ or MC get sick and can’t make it to my event?
The Party Machine never books 100% of our staff working on any particular day, we also have back up staff available.

Can my guests provide you with cds and/or ipods to play music during my event?
No, this is completely against The Party Machine policy unless discussed prior to the event.

How much are your services?
That depends, we have 3-5 hour packages and offer an array of EXTRA OPTIONS, please contact us for pricing.

Is there a deposit?
Yes, a non-refundable deposit is required for us to reserve and block a date for you on any given day.

When is the balance due?
14 days in advance of your reception or at the time of final consultation, whichever comes first.

What if I need to cancel your services?
You may do so at any time if needed. Cancellations over 60 days are subject to loss of deposit only. Cancellations under 60 days are subject to loss of deposit and a cancellation fee. 

What if I want you to play longer than originally agreed?
Yes and No… Yes, we will gladly play longer than first expected if the event is going great. The overtime fee would be due (in advance) as soon as that decision is made unless otherwise approved by our office in advance. The ‘No’ would be contingent if your venue will not allow the overtime; as yourself, we are guests in the venue and must abide by their house rules. 

Are there any extra fees that have not been mentioned or hidden costs?
No, this is a pet peeve of our owners. You may be offered our EXTRA OPTIONS, but you are not expected to purchase them in order to reserve our entertainment services. However, they are available, and do come with an additional fee should you elect to use them.

Can I add the fog effect to my event?
Yes, BUT it must be approved by your venue in an email from them to us. If a venue has a fire alarm system that detects smoke, then chances are it will not be allowed. If we are given permission and use the fog and an alarm goes off we will be held liable.

Can I request the dress code for your staff for my event?
Yes, we suggest; Casual, Business Casual; Shirt & Tie or Tuxedo. (for weddings we perfer to be as equally dressed as the groom)

After my event, how do I refer my friends to you for their weddings?
Any way you want! Call us, email us or use the REFERRAL PROGRAM link on our website.

Do you offer discounts on your services?
Not as a standard. However, certain times during the year and during some events we may offer specials or incentives to gain new business or customers.

How do you choose your staff when you hire them?
We actually prefer individuals who have never been in this line of work before. Our perfect candidate is one who poses a great attitude and a true willingness to learn The Party Machine way of entertainment. They have to be willing to give it their all, be a great listener, sacrifice weekends and have a win mentality. There are many who want to be in this business, but only a select few that will ever make it with this company and end up on the front line.

I told you guys that I am ready to book and then you sent an agreement, am I guaranteed you once you send me the agreement to my email?
No, you are not considered ‘confirmed’ until we receive your signed agreement in hand.

Do you offer ceremony music in addition to the reception?
Yes, we offer this as a part of our 4 and 5 hour packages as long as it is in the same location as the reception.

What form of payment do you accept?
Cash, Checks and all major credit cards. (NSF fees apply to all returned checks not honored by your financial institution)

What about if there is inclement weather?
This can and will occasionally happen, Mother Nature can be very unpredictable.  We simply offer to move your event to another date and work with you on making it happen.  The Party Machine has never missed an event.

What is your cancellation policy towards the client?
We have been in business since 1993 and have never canceled an event.

When should I check my date and send you my info?
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